rough collie old english sheepdog bearded collie border collie

Collie appears as dog of great beauty, standing with impassive dignity, with no part out of proportion to whole. Physical structure on lines of strength and activity, free from cloddiness and with no trace of coarseness. Expression most important...

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Old english sheepdog

Old english sheepdog is a strong, square-looking dog with great symmetry and overall soundness. Absolutely free from legginess, profusely coated all over. A thick-set muscular, able-bodied dog with a most intelligent expression. The natural outline should not be artificially changed by scissoring or clipping...

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Bearded Collie should be alert, lively, self-confident and active. The temperament should be that of a steady intelligent working dog, with no signs of nervousness or aggression. A lean active dog, longer than it is high in an approximate proportion of 5-4, measured from point of chest to point of buttock...

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Bearded collie

Border collie

Border collie is well proportioned, smooth outline showing quality, gracefulness and perfect balance, combined with sufficient substance to give impression of endurance. Any tendency to coarseness or weediness undesirable. Tenacious, hard-working sheep dog, of great tractability...

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