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26.11.2006 CACIB Zagreb
25.11.2006 Special show Zagreb
25.11.2006 CACIB Zagreb

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rough collie
rough collie

Appears as a dog of great beauty, standing with impassive dignity. Typical characteristics are long, wedge-shaped head, intelligent sweet expression and sound movement.

Coat fits outline of body, very dense except on head and legs. Despite it's abundance it's easy to maintain - needs grooming once in a week or two.

Smooth collies are not bred in Croatia yet.

There are three colours:
- sable & white
- tricolor
- blue-merle

Temperament is friendly, with no trace of nervousness or aggressiveness. They are gentle and sensitive. When treated well, they learn very quickly.

Height at shoulder
males : 56 - 62 cm
females : 51 - 56 cm

Weight : 20 - 30 kg

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